• 3D Visualization Platform for Smart Building and Smart City data

SensUrban Digital Twin

The SensUrban based Digital Twin reflects ​real life, real-time events in ​3D Virtual Reality

SensUrban provides tools, ecosystem and environment for stakeholders to deploy various applications and data visualizations on 3D digital twins. 

Advanced data visualization with countless layers of information for Smart City and Smart Buildings

The SensUrban  platform enables immersive visualization of different layers of information on an intuitive 3D building/city model and browser-based user interface, such as:
  • HVAC and other building automation data
  • Energy consumption, energy efficiency and carbon footprint of building(s)
  • Water consumption, electricity consumption
  • Operation and energy efficiency of local energy production
  • IoT sensor data eg. room air condition and quality, building moisture, room occupancy and use etc...
  • Analyzed building risks and associated data, eg. Mold risk index, areas at risk of capillary moisture, indoor air quality index, etc.
  • User-generated data, eg. Tenant feedback, workforce management, etc.
  • Traffic weather, traffic flow and parking lot data
  • Water network, sewage network, district heating network
  • Outdoor air quality in cities, pollution level and local weather
Digital Twin Visualization

SensUrban Digital Twin 3D models are tailored to customer needs.


Intelligent Traffic
People Flow
Energy Efficiency
Space Usage
Air Quality
Smart City Winter
Smart City Traffic
Smart Weather Aware
Intelligent Traffic
Smart Traffic
Smart City Singapore
Smart City Digital Twin
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EV Traffic
People Flow
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Energy Efficient Future Building
Low emission smart building
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Space Usage
Smart Building Awareness
Smart environment Artificial Intelligence
Smart Building Artificial Intelligence
Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality
Smart Building Air Quality
City Air Quality
Smart and safe city
Smart Surveillance
Building 3D digital twin

Featured customer: FeelPlace - Building's IoT data Visualization

IoT data Visualization in 3D model

FeelPlace IoT Solutions for buildings consists of different types of IoT devices, cloud-based data storage and data analysis systems. The FeelPlace IoT data as well as local weather information are integrated (using APIs) into the 3D model of the building by SensUrban sw, that i running on the client web browser (Chrome/Edge). The end result is a browser-based, easy-to-use, highly visual smart building user interface for IoT data visualization, co-branded by FeelPlace as FeelPlace3D.

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