• SensUrban Digital Twin - Platform for Smart Buildings and Smart City

SensUrban Digital Twin

 Digital Twin ​Visualization Platform reflects ​real life, real-time events in ​Virtual Reality

SensUrban Digital Twin is the Visualization platform for Smart City and Smart Building, related Applications and their various data sources.

Advanced Visualization and new Information Layers for Smart City and Smart Buildings

SensUrban platform is capable to visualize various information for Smart City and Smart Buildings like:

  • Facility visualizations e.g. IoT sensor data on IAQ, Building automation, HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Energy efficiency, Water consumption, Electricity consumption, Solar Energy efficiency
  • Public Transport Services, routes and schedules in real-time 
  • Autonomous Vehicle services development
  • Traffic Flows and Parking Data
  • Traffic Weather and condition of Traffic Routes
  • Outdoor Air Quality and Local Weather

SensUrban Digital Twin 3D models are tailored according to customer needs. 
Digital Twin Visualization


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Building 3D digital twin

Featured customer: FeelPlace - Building's IoT data Visualization

IoT data Visualization in 3D model

FeelPlace IoT Solutions for Buildings consists of a cloud based data storage system, the data and visualization engine that transforms the data to efficient information and the devices that feed in the measurements to the system.

www.feelplace.com >>                

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